Daily Archives: June 17, 2018

The Great Barrier Reef’  Waterfall.

  Thursday 14th June 2018 The sea was like glass in the bay this morning. In the absence of wind, we were forced to motor the 90 minutes from our beautiful Butterfly bay out to Line Reef, one of the closest of the outer reefs to the Whitsundays.  We were only a few minutes out […]

Boobies in the Bedroom!

  Friday 16th June 2018 Life’s always full of surprises when you live on a boat, and surprise visitors happen frequently, sometimes uninvited visitors!  As Lesley and I were preparing dinner tonight, twas to be a delicious fare, consisting of Lesley’s sautéed cabbage with cumin seeds & turmeric, my soufflé potatoes, vegetarian & pork sausages […]