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Food & Drink!

I recently posted about my amazing provisioning skills, perhaps I shouldn’t have boasted quite so loudly!  I had wondered at the time whether I’d perhaps gone a little over the top with my mega shop, however, as it turns out I really should have bought more, not food, but alcohol.  Although I should point out for anyone coming […]

Touring Nuku Hiva

Tuesday 19th April, 2016 Since Louis left to return home, we’ve been hard at work completing all the “unfinished” and “must do” jobs around Daisy. Bit, by laborious bit, we are finally making progress. It took me the best part of two weeks to clean up the inside of the boat and get all the […]

Eating Out In Nuku Hiva

  The Marquises are a group of mountainous islands of volcanic origin, the largest being Nuku Hiva with a land mass of 330 km. The main town in Nuku Hiva is Taiohae which has a scattering of houses along the shore and rising a little way up the steep hillsides, a hospital, one bank, two […]

My Amazing Provisioning Skill.

  My family has constantly teased me abut being a horder, when it comes to food. My pantry at home resembles a fully stocked Gourmet section of Waitrose (upmarket UK supermarket). I think I must have been starving in a previous life, or had an experience that left me with a fear of never having […]

Nuku Hiva, Marquises

We arrived in a storm at 10am, on Saturday 2nd April Now (one day later) we’re bobbing quietly in the most beautiful bay, surrounded on three sides by volcanic mountains. The Island is as green as anywhere I’ve ever seen, but given the amount of rain they obviously get here, it’s not surprising. It also […]

The Nightmare Continues…

After what I would describe as an exhausting 25 days at sea, land was finally in sight. I’ve told myself repeatedly throughout the trip that it will all be worthwhile, and I was prepared to be blown away by what I was going to experience. Bob and Louis were just hoping for rain, to wash […]

600 Miles to Hiva Oa

  We’ve been playing “dodge the storms,” since 7am, they’re all around us. Black skies and squalls threaten over calm seas; with little wind to move us forward, we’re limping along at 5+ knots. With only 600 miles left to go to our destination, i’m getting impatient and wishing the storms to Halifax. We’re all […]

Where We’re Headed

  Our First Port of Call in Our South Pacific Adventure:  The Marquises Islands French Polynesia: The Polynesian Triangle French Polynesia, Oh how I love the sound of it, the name conjures up such romantic images. Its part of the cultural zone called the Polynesian Triangle, The three points of the triangle being, the Easter Islands, […]

19 days at sea, Oh Dear Lord!

Thursday 24th March   My worries last night were confirmed, we tore a sail, surprise, surprise, the wind was gusting to well over 30 knots in the night, I’t’s a small relief that it didn’t happen on my watch, not that, that really makes any difference. I feel as though I’m taking part in some […]

Will this journey ever end?

Today was sunny with lovely blue skies and little white clouds, the sea was still rolly, but not too uncomfortable. Tonight its a different story; it’s 10pm, I’m just starting my 3 hour night watch and the ocean looks as black as engine oil, it even looks greasy, its so shiny. The moon is huge […]