Monthly Archives: July 2015

And So It Goes…

Tuesday July 28th 2015. It’s just over three months since we started this refit on Daisy. Bob had researched varnishes and decided that a water based varnish was the way to go, sadly this meant that all the wood (currently sporting an oil based varnish) throughout the main saloon, galley, workshop & guest cabin foyer […]

When Island Dreams become Nightmares …

Back in April this year Bob and I finally returned to Daisy in Grenada. Due to a serious escalation of Bob’s heart problem, we had been unable to return to Daisy as planned in October, instead we found ourselves frantically researching heart surgeons, and making plans for surgery and recovery. Our (planned) few weeks back […]

Upcoming Madness

As the time for Grenada carnival approaches, all sorts of weird and wonderful things can be witnessed around the Island. The entire place seems to buzz with anticipation and excitement. It would seem that Carnival is license for any type of behavior. I’ve only been fortunate enough to see the Grenada Carnival once, that was […]

Another New Adventure Begins

Wednesday 15th July 2015. Following another day of horrendous travel, thanks to the very disorganized and always chaotic airlines, I finally arrived back in Grenada, late but ready to celebrate my safe if somewhat dishelveled arrival. For my first flight I was in a middle seat between a man with the worst breath (who insisted […]