Daily Archives: March 15, 2013

Danni and a Giant Tortoise

The Storm Before The Calm!

Friday March 8th We still had yet to receive our autographe that Noddy said he would bring over, which was not exactly a great surprise, going on past history. Bob managed to talk to our agent in Santa Cruz, and was told we could go ahead and sail over and he would give it to […]


Wednesday March 6th We arrived this morning at San Cristobel one of the Galapagos islands. We were escorted into wreck bay by sea lions and a brown booby, who flew out, circled the boat a couple of times and then flew back to the island, probably to report our impending arrival. After dropping anchor among […]

Fabulous Pacific

Sunday March 3rd All the air has been knocked right out of me by the breathtaking beauty that I’m engulfed in at this moment. I’m seriously struggling for words to even begin to describe what I’m seeing and feeling, I couldn’t begin to do it justice… We’ve taken hours of video footage and hundreds of […]