Daily Archives: March 10, 2013

Oh Another Night at Sea

Our shifts got a bit muddled tonight, Graeme and I did the watch till midnight, and then again from 4am. We were trying to sail but the wind was being a bitch and playing with us, dropping and changing every few minutes. We were only doing between 2 and 3 knots, so basically making little […]

Whales Dolphins & Sharks

Saturday March 2nd, More… What a truly amazing day we had today. Daisy managed to do a few hours here and there with her sails up, but mostly we were motoring, there simply wasn’t enough wind, and we would find ourselves bobbing along at between 2 – 3 knots, basically going nowhere fast, at that […]

Gray Day

Friday March 1st This morning at 6am it was gray and miserable with roily seas, and because we had to get the Genoa down (big sail at the front of the boat) it was windy. Every morning we’ve been here there has been absolutely no wind, not even a whisper. This morning was quite the […]

Wahoo For Dinner

Thursday February 28th Today was actually a lovely day, the sailing was fabulous, we had 18 knots of wind and managed a gentle, smooth 7 knots of speed from Pachea down the island chain of Las Perlas to San Jose. With both the main and the Genoa out in full use, I sat back in […]

Neap Tide & The Sloth

Wednesday February 28th I learnt something new today; it was a lesson that I would have preferred to learn from reading a book rather than through the actual experience. However, it was a valuable lesson all the same, one that could have ended badly, but thankfully didn’t. The only injury sustained was to one’s pride! […]