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Hi, welcome to my web site. My name is Heather Morgan I’m the author of “No Fixed Address: Tales of a Reluctant Sailor“.
From 2007 until February 2019 my husband Bob and I have lived on our sailboat ‘Crazy Daisy’, the first eight years were spent exploring the Caribbean, the last seven years have been in the glorious Pacific.  For someone who’s nervous of deep water, and hates sailing, it was quite an adventure for me.

May 2019.

Bob and I  returned to New Zealand from Australia last August , after three months sailing with our friends Don & Lesley Brown, on their  Oyster 66, ‘True Blue’, with the 2nd Oyster World Rally.

We then took four months in America and Europe visiting family before returning to New Zealand in December 2018. While we were back in Europe we bought a house in New Zealand, we had been looking for a while without finding what we were looking for, but then legislation was about to prevent people  from overseas  buying in New Zealand, so we bought our house unseen on the recommendation of our real estate agent while we were away (crazy right!).  Happily it was one of the best decisions we had ever made. And the entire purchase process with us in Europe, the sellers in Texas and the real estate agent in New Zealand was so crazy we were more than living up to our nickname “the Crazies”…

We didn’t move into our new home until November 2019, as having made the purchase we then headed off on Crazy Daisy again for 5 months sailing the Pacific Islands with the Pacific Rally.

Daisyatsea is a collection of tales of adventures and ‘woe’ from a couple of nutcase’s who lived on a boat, and traveled the globe intent on having as much fun as possible.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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